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Welcome to Positive Forward Movement a sacred space for women to heal and learn to love again.

Spiritual Love Coaching Experiences

Support and guidance you need to heal from past hurts, due to relationships or lack of self-love. A safe space to open your heart, be heard. Explore your hearts desires and transform your life.

Healing Embrace

Healing Embrace

Healing Embrace is safe place for you to unload your worries and pain so that you can be restored and focus on your most important relationship...

Release and Receive

Release and Receive

Truly expressing yourself and being heard, allows the healing process to begin. If you are ready to push through, get closure, release the hurt...

Renew and Restore

Renew and Restore

After years of negativity, hurt, doubt, and confusion Renew and Restore is the moment you can exhale and take that first breath of fresh air. End...


Learn About Essential Oils to Support Your Well-Being

Join me for a personalized class about essential oils. Find out what oils can help support your overall well-being and how to incorporate them into your life.


Connect with Me in the Sacred Love Circle

Join in on monthly calls about love, life, healing, and more. Each month we explore a new topic and you have the chance for live laser coaching. Register for the Love Line today.


Let's Have a Heart to Heart

Schedule your free 30 minute Heart to Heart session with me. Find out what Positive Forward Movement is all about, and how my Spiritual Love Coaching can help you live your life with love.

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Loving Words About Jovanhanna

Thank you for everything you've done for me. You are a major key to my successful future. You woke me up.


Thanks for your help!
This was a great experience!


If you are looking for someone to help you re-set, re-energize, and live a better life she is your girl!

ToiiaMother, Blogger
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You Are Made in His Image

You Are Made in His Image

Reading is something that I love to do and a skill that I want to instill into Savvi. We were blessed to receive a copy of this book in exchange...

Energy for the Week of July 9, 2017

Energy for the Week of July 9, 2017

Be intentional as you go about your day. Intent is a powerful force for creating and manifesting. Your thoughts are things. If you focus on...

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Jovanhanna Tisdale
Jovanhanna Tisdale
Spiritual Love Coach

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