There are 4 days left until the new year!

I’ve focused on what I’m leaving behind and reflecting on what I’ve accomplished.

This has been a year full of changes, ups and downs, growth and accomplishments. I can’t wait to welcome the New Year and share the lessons that 2016 brought. I think the general consensus was that 2016 was a difficult year. For me it was a learning year. I got clear on a lot of things and shifted my priorities.

The things that made me happiest were some personal accomplishments I made. These were actually dreams that I had and I decided to make them goals. I didn’t know I would do all of this in one year, but I did! The courses and certifications that I completed were so essential for me to be successful in business and on a personal level. These courses challenged me and helped me grow, especially during some of the challenging times I had this year.

My 4 Big Accomplishments in 2016

I obtained certification as a Master Coach, Crystal Therapist, and Reiki Master! I’m currently working on certification as a Crystal Reiki Master and Angel Card Reader. I have been working with Angel cards for years and am happy to study and learn more about them. I am watching my dreams unfold and developing my gifts and spirituality, which allows me to help others.

The year 2016 was definitely a year of learning for med, personally and professionally. The New Year will be all about taking action for me. My girls, myself, and my business are my main focus. Everything I do is to improve our lives and those of others. As I continue to grow and develop as a coach and healer, I cannot express how amazing 2016 has been with all that I’ve accomplished.

I am counting down to the New Year and am so excited about all that I have planned for 2017. What were your big accomplishments this year?


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