It’s no secret that 2016 was a difficult year. I call it my learning year. Not only was I studying my skills as a coach, but I also learned a lot from life and things going on in society. Here are some of the things I am grateful for in 2016.

1.      My daughters

2.     Being healthy

3.     Meaningful Relationships

4.     Heated leather seats

5.     The right to vote

6.     Starting my own business

7.     Learning about dream jars

8.     Having great time management skills

9.     The transformative nature and beauty of fall

10.   Becoming a Reiki Master & Teacher

11.   The community of people that read my blog and connect with me

12.   Clients, past, present, and future

13.   My Mom and Dad

14.   Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map Planner

15.   Seeing growth in the year 2016

16.   Yoga

17.   Quiet time

18.   Walks in nature

19.   Meeting amazing bloggers

20.   Stepping outside of my comfort zone

21.   My intuition

22.   Tea

23.   Essential oils and aromatherapy

24.   Astronomy

25.   My Bible

26.   Dancing Moon – it’s my favorite store in Raleigh

27.   My job that helps me provide for my family and fund my dreams

28.   Letting go of people and things that didn’t serve my highest good

29.   Honesty

30.   Discernment

31.   Brussel Sprouts

32.   Books

33.   Transformation Academy

34.   Having Faith over Fear

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