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Welcome to Positive Forward Movement! What started as a mantra, became a way of life. Now Positive Forward Movement has evolved into a business with a mission to transform lives through self-love. At the core when you are connected with yourself, mind, body, and soul; you think differently and live differently. My method of coaching focuses on the results you desire, while making sure you are your #1 priority!

Life is all about Positive Forward Movement. STUCK. It's a word that comes up a lot when people talk about life. You feel like life is passing you by, that this is all there is to life. Somewhere locked inside you are goals and dreams that fizzled out. Positive Forward Movement coaching and consulting is the spark you need to reignite that excitement about life and reconnect with yourself!

My mission is to encourage, inspire, and support growth, change, while helping you heal and reconnect with yourself. Women wear so many hats and fill so many roles, we often forget about ourselves. You need to take time to focus on yourself and dedicate time to self-care. Things happen in life that can change your outlook on life and even how you see yourself. I want to support women and help them through their challenges.

Discover the Power of Positive Forward Movement™


Lack of self-love is often the root of fears and issues. No one teaches us how to love ourselves and overtime we become deficient in self-love. Fall in love with who you are and watch the world around you change. It all starts with self-love!


Push past your limits. Use your challenges to help you grow and expand your comfort zone. 


Learn how to set and achieve the goals you want for yourself. Be supported in creating realistic goals.


Your past doesn't determine your future. Heal old wounds. Take back your power and redirect your life.


Relationships are a key part of our lives. Eliminate toxic relationships and focus on creating healthy, loving, and supporting relationships.


Stop playing small! You are in control and are able to speak you mind with confidence and calm. You deserve to be seen and heard. You are not a doormat and no longer have to fight for everything.

Your Personalized Coaching Package Includes:

Holistic Life Coaching that focuses on your mind, body, soul, and finances!
Private 1-on-1 Coaching

Focused On You

Your time with me is honored and focused solely on you. Our sessions are always private and 100% confidential.

Intuitive Goddess Readings

Intuitive Reading Included               

Get additional guidance and feedback with an angel or oracle card reading, plus you get to choose which deck to use!

Reiki Energy Healing

Help Release Stuck Energy and Emotions

Working with me you get the added bonus of a healing Reiki session. This can aid you in releasing emotions, pain, and old patterns.

Unlimited Email Support

Get Support When You Need It

In addition to your coaching calls you can also reach me via email to get additional support during times we you don't have a scheduled call.

Journey to Love Journal

Free Journal Included

Journaling is a wonderful transformational tool. This journal is designed to help you change your life and embrace Self-Love.

Affirmation Cards

The Power of Positivity

Personal healing statement along with affirmations to help you stay focused and tap into the power of positivity.

Customized Self-Care Plan

Additional Support for You

I believe in the power of Self-Love and that means taking care of yourself. Your Self-Care plan will help you become a priority in your life.

Holistic Support

Mind, Body, & Soul

A holistic approach to coaching even includes your finances. These 4 areas of your life are vital and will be address to ensure lasting, positive change.

Meet Jovanhanna, Your Holistic Life Coach

Life is all about Positive Forward Movement™. I have been to the bottom! In fact I lived there. I was depressed, dealing with the effects of an abusive relationship, and totally over life. My smile was gone. I had no guidance or direction in life. All I knew is that there had to be more and better for me. I decided that I was going to change my life and be a better woman for myself and my daughter. I was no good to either of us being broken, depressed, and not truly living. Positive Forward Movement™ became my mantra and it is through healing, self-love, and holistic change that I am here today and my has completely transformed. The experiences that life taught me, along with my knowledge and intuition help me bring holistic change and healing to others.

“You can change your life no matter how bad it seems. When you have the right support it's so much easier. Let me help you.”

Healing After Trauma

Loving Feedback from Clients

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“What we covered, plus just your interest in me was a huge factor in me moving forward. I really appreciate the guidance and insight you shared with me and that helped me to believe in myself again and make the steps in the right direction..”

Charmaine Daisley (Writer)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“Thank you for everything you've done for me. You are a major key to my successful future. You woke me up.

I helped Frank recognize some patterns in his life that were affecting his life and we shifted the energy and thought patterns around them, resulting in an abundance of positivity and change.

Frank Lewis (Producer)

Is This Right for You?

Anyone can benefit from coaching, but coaching is not for everyone.


  • Are ready to push past your limits
  • Want to heal from the past, embracing who you are
  • Are tired of repeating the same situations in life
  • Want to make genuine connections and have meaningful relationships


  • You think that change happens overnight
  • You are not open to be loving towards yourself
  • You would rather complain about your life than change it
  • You don't want to change your life
Why does Life Coaching Work?

The process of change is difficult. I have the tools and resources to help you change your life!

When you have an expert that is familiar with the change process and how the mind works, you have a powerful ally. As a Holistic Life Coach, I empower you and assist you in creating the change you wish to see in your life. Life Coaching is a partnership that enables you to grow on a holistic level. I create a supportive, judgment free environment, using traditional coaching along with intuitive methods, that provide you space to heal and grow while gently pushing you to your desired results. I want you to be happy, whole, and enjoy life!

Bonuses, Just For You!

Bonuses are super powerful and will add more value to your core offer. You can also use them to create urgency by offering a bonus for a limited time only.

Access to a private Facebook Group

You will have access to a support group that is exclusive to my clients. It's a great way to grow, connect with and support others. You'll also get access to additional support and resources.


Bonus, Follow Up Call

I'm dedicated to your growth and healing. I offer an additional follow up call for you to use to make sure you stay on the right track.


Free Bonus Report

You'll receive an Action Plan and detailed Coaching Report to help you along your path even after our time together is done.

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All coaching sessions are done virtually, unless you are in the Raleigh, NC area.

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Release and Receive

  • 2 60-min Coaching Calls
  • 1 - Intuitive Goddess Reading
  • Monthly Self-Care Plan
  • Journey to Love Journal
  • Exclusive Bonus content

Renew and Restore

  • 1 60-Min. Heart to Heart with Reading
  • 8 45-min. Coaching Calls
  • Personal Power Statement
  • Custom Love Work
  • 2 - Intuitive Goddess Readings
  • 1 Reiki Healing Session
  • Weekly Self-Care Plan
  • Journey to Love Journal
  • Affirmation Cards
  • Exclusive Discount
  • Exclusive Bonus Content

Healing Embrace

  • 1 90-min Heart to Heart with reading
  • 4 45-min Coaching Calls
  • Personal Power Statement
  • Custom Love Work
  • 1 - Intuitive Goddess Reading
  • Monthly Self-Care Plan
  • Journey to Love Journal
  • Affirmation Cards
  • Exclusive Bonus content


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