The pull of the familiar is often stronger than that of the unknown.

We gravitate towards what we know, even if it’s not good for us. You know what is familiar to you and can deal with it, but the unknown and uncertainty of change, that is too much.


Be Encouraged by Change Jovanhanna Love Strategist

I witnessed first hand how easy it is for someone to get dragged back into their old ways after a life changing experience that demanded they change. People resist change for so many reasons, fear being the main culprit.

My challenge to you is to see change differently. Look at it is as an opportunity for growth. Everything changes, and change is constant, but it’s feared. Let change encourage you to stretch yourself. I hit a block in my business because something was missing. I wanted to serve others, but not share my story.
Jovanhanna Tisdale Love Strategist

The things that I went through in life, were painful. I didn’t want the world to see my struggle or know my pain. Without that I wasn’t in my business. I couldn’t connect with you, because you didn’t know my pain or my healing process. In order for my business to go to the next level, I had to change.

I had so share my story, and be honest about myself and my gifts. I had to change so that I could grow and so that I could help others. Don’t let fear hold you back.

Be Encouraged by Change Jovanhanna Love Strategist

The absence of growth, ultimately is death. That’s a strong way to put it, but it’s true. Think about a flower. If it stops getting water and nutrients, it won’t grow. If it stops growing it dies.

I’ve learned to see change as a divine message telling me it’s time to grow. How do you see change?

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