I’m the person that people come up to and randomly start talking to. They tell me alllll their business and want advice. Typically it’s about relationships, but not always. As an introvert, I found it to be strange, but I loved helping people. I want to see people happy! This year has had it’s share of ups and downs for me. It led me back to practices that I migrated away from. The best part of the year for me was realizing that I could combine aspects of energy healing with traditional coaching.

When I was dealing with depression and fighting my own battles in life. I turned to acupuncture, yoga, and meditation. I learned about crystal energy, Reiki, and aromatherapy. These are some of the techniques and tools I used to change my life. Mediation and yoga had a profound impact on me. My journey led me to uncover parts of myself I had long forgotten as well as helped me heal and rebuild my life.

Jovanhanna Intuitive Love Strategist Master Coach

I have continued to work with crystals, use aromatherapy and meditation to maintain balance in my life. I also came to terms with relying on my own intuition. I have always been an empath, able to pick up on others energy. I just thought that I was sensitive I didn’t realize this gift helped me relate to people. I pushed my intuitive insights way deep down.

There are numerous times when my intuition kicked in throughout my life and saved me from harm. The last time I ignored my intuition, I wound up in a car accident, I was lucky. Things could have been way worse. That day I knew that I couldn’t continue to ignore my intuition and that it was time to make another change in my life. Quietly I began to develop and work with my intuition. In the ‘closet’ it’s much easier to own my abilities.

The vision that I have for my coaching practice is to be a holistic experience that uses intuitive modalities along with traditional coaching methods to help my clients heal and transform their lives. It’s different, but it’s also needed. When I transformed my life it was holistic, I worked on my mind, body, soul, and finances. I’m a natural born lightworker and life changer, seeking to help others and spread healing and love.

The dream I have for coaching is to have an integrative center that incorporates, aromatherapy, intuitive guidance, yoga, meditation, Reiki, and acupressure to help coach my clients through difficult situations to heal their hurts and restore self-love. I don’t have a studio location yet, but it’s coming.

I envision a retreat somewhere tropical, like Costa Rica with a small group of women who are ready to make a transformational shift in their life. Positive Forward Movement, is more than life coaching it’s a holistic experience. It’s amazing that this started as a mantra and has evolved into a mission to change the world one woman at a time.

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