In August I moved to a nice apartment. It’s spacious, I love the natural lighting, and it’s in a great location. Several months later I am still not settled or completely moved in. Moving I realized just how much stuff I lost and need to replace. I also noticed how much stuff I have and should probably get rid of. I love it but it’s not a home, just yet.

Several months later I am still not settled or completely moved in.

Moving made me realize how many things I have and that there are still things that I need. There are many things I can probably get rid of.

I feel this overwhelming need to have everything perfect in a split second.

I know it takes time but I imagined I would be all settled and organized. I feel like I am spread thin and stressed! I am grateful that I didn’t have to rush and move, but not having everything together makes me feel scattered.

I have been patient with myself knowing that I have an extremely busy 6 month old, Savvi, and I’m focusing on completing my degree.

King not being home makes things a little difficult. With the holidays coming up so soon I have started focusing on one room at a time.

Each week I’ve been focused on deep cleaning and organizing one room, then decorating. Hopefully ,I’ll be done before the holidays.

A preliminary scan reveals I have a lot of things that can be donated, especially clothes. It’s time to clean out my closet and get my entire life organized.

When our spaces are orderly so are our minds. Believe me I will be so happy once I’m truly settled in.

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