Kind and loving people are so easy to take advantage of. Sometimes being used and abused is so subtle you don’t notice it. You are too precious to share your love and energy with someone who doesn’t deserve it. Listen this episode of Live, Learn, Love all about users and abusers.

Users and abusers can be anyone in your life. They will drain you, leave you when you need them most, and make you feel bad.

Love Lesson

Protect your peace and assess your relationships make sure they are balanced and healthy.

Make sure you aren’t the user and that you aren’t being abused.

Sometimes it will be people close to us that are guilty for instance a parent or sibling who constantly puts you down or questions your judgement. These simple acts of “care and concern” actually chip away at your confidence.

You can’t always cut people out of your life but there are healthy ways to deal with them such as being assertive.

A simple statement like I don’t appreciate your comments may enlighten them, but chances are you will have to develop resilience and understand the dynamics of your relationships.

Pay attention to people around you. You will start to pick up in their habits and patterns. Once you realize it’s not you, it’s them you will be empowered to deal with them differently

You are priceless and don’t forget that.

In this episode I referenced the 4 Layers of You. These are mental/emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial. Learn more about them here:

A Holistic Approach: The 4 Layers of You

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