Last year I had an amazing experience. I found and connected with someone that I looked up to. She was confident, beautiful, quirky, magical, and down-to-earth. Abiola was everything I aspired to be in business and life even. Her personality shines bright and she ms such a radiant goddess.
I fell in love with her affirmation cards, her blog, and I immediately joined her tribe. I just stepped out of my Spiritual closet and to find a Melanated beauty that was about self-love, relationships, crystals, and oracle cards was so refreshing!
There was a Golden Opportunity to do a few things on my bucket list:
  1. Meet and work with Abiola
  2. Deepen my spiritual practices
  3. Travel outside of the United States
When I learned about her retreat to Bali several things went through my mind. There was doubt and fear of course but a louder voice told me go. This is for you. You’re supposed to be in Bali. I had the money for the entire trip, it came to me!
Abundance Pray Love Goddess Retreat in Bali, Indonesia
I was excited and looking forward to the transformation that was sure to come. My biggest concern was being away from Savvi. Like across oceans away. My first priority was to make sure she had adequate care during my much needed trip!
As soon as I told others about my vacation plans the holes started getting poked in my vision. Negative energy began swirling all around. From travel and safety concerns to downright being told I wasn’t going.
I literally felt the energy shift around the trip and then other people’s fears started manifesting. Things popped up that would ultimately result in me losing my spot on this amazing Retreat with someone I more than looked up to.
Dream Killers and my Trip to Bali
To be honest it hurt that I’m not going. I should be packing for a paradise retreat in a foreign land filled with healing meditations and glorious goddess circles but I’m not. Instead I’m working on making sure I am protecting my dreams from others fearful projections.
I have my own fears. I refuse to take on anyone else’s junk! I take things as they come and ultimately this was a learning lesson. Know who you can share your heart with and who not to. The people around you, your circle has a heavy influence on your mind, body, soul, wallet, and life. They can make you or break you.
Stick with the ones you can trust. That will support you and be honest and loving. Protect your heartset and mindset from fearful and negative people.
 Dream Killers and my Trip to Bali
I talk about protecting yourself and your energy all the time. While my friends and families fears were out of concern it was still negative energy and i took it on. I definitely learned something here and make sure that I am guarding my dreams. Everyone will not always support you or your highest good. That’s why being your own best friend is so important.
There will be other opportunities to travel and meet those I look up to like Abiola. My job is to stay in alignment with that energy and take every opportunity to experience my dreams.
How many times have you let something stop you from doing what you wanted?


  • Leslie June 29, 2017 2:12 pm

    The other day my daughter goes I want to be an adult because adults get to do what they want to which I replied..”No we don’t not always, but we do what we need to do and what is best at the time.” I can’t think of anything lately that has stopped me from doing what I want to do as I always believe things happen for a reason. I trust my gut and instincts and act with no regrets. I also accspt change as ot comes because maybe what I thought I wanted was not what was best or what was needed. I enjoyed reading your post and believe you’ll get whatever your heart desires in due time.

    • Jovanhanna June 30, 2017 8:55 am

      Hey Leslie! You’re right we don’t always get to do what we want. It’s good to go with the flow. When we resist change that’s when problems occur. Thank you for reading! I’m certain better opportunities are headed my way.

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