If you’re like me you are excited that the summer is upon us. I absolutely love the summer time. Long days, warm nights under the stars, and it’s hot!!!

If you aren’t feeling the high energy, here are some tips that will help you add some summer fun in your life.

Mommy & Me Summer Fun

You can do this solo or with your family. It’s up to you.

  1. Make a list of some interesting places around town you’d like to visit
  2. Go for an early morning or late evening walk, when the world is quiet
  3. Read outside in the shade
  4. Make some lavender lemonade or sun brewed tea
  5. Paint or color a picture
  6. Redecorate your home
  7. Go to a live show
  8. Attend a meetup group
  9. Sleep late
  10. Dance around the house or at the club!
  11. Join a recreational sports team

Think of some things you always wanted to do as a kid but didn’t get the chance to do. Add those to your list and do them. There’s nothing like feeding your inner child!

Create a scrapbook, video diary, or journal of your summer experiences.

I kicked off my summer attending an event held by Yelp at the Arboretum here in Raleigh. It was fun, beautiful, and filled with great food and people.

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