What is a life coach?

A Life Coach is a professional change agent that helps you focus on getting a specific result in your life. Coaches provide tools and resources to help you succeed and move forward.

Why do you call yourself a Spiritual Love Coach?

It’s my fancy way of saying life coach. I used specific strategies to make changes in my life and this resonated with me. I am someone who helps her clients heal by using traditional coaching techniques, along with energy healing and intuition. I help my clients heal from relationships and restore love within themselves.

Where do I begin?

The first step is to make sure we are a good fit for each other, this is vital to your success. During a Heart to Heart I can assess your needs and we can get a feel for each other. These heart to heart Clarity Sessions are available at no cost, they typically last 30-45 minutes and help me gain insight about your concerns.


What does coaching involve?

Coaching is a process. Your needs and path will be different than others. When you work with me I will tailor the experience to your needs. You will have a confidential space to pinpoint an area or issue that you want to improve. Typically we will meet virtually and after each call you will have action steps to complete.

What would I gain from having a coach?

There are so many ways to answer this question. You will gain clarity, direction, confidence, happiness, success, peace of mind, and skills to help you on your journey in life. What you gain from coaching depends on your needs and what you put into the process.

What steps do I take to get a coach?

The first step is to schedule a clarity call. When you make your appointment, you will be directed to complete a questionnaire. These questions help me understand your needs and allows us to make the most of your call. During the call we will discuss the best way for me to support you. From there we will go through the intake process, and getting you registered as a client.

How often do we meet or talk?

This varies based on the program you are enrolled in. For some clients that need more support we meet weekly, others bi-weekly, or monthly.

What do you charge?

Pricing depends on the level of service you choose. I do strive to keep my fees reasonable. I believe that everyone should be able to benefit from life coaching to improve their lives.

Do I have homework?

Yes! You will have exercises and tasks to complete to help you grow, I call this Love Work.

Do I get some sort of resource or reference book?

You will receive reference materials, workbooks, journals, and other tools to help you succeed.

How long will you be my coach? For life?

The length of time I coach you could be a day, a week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year. If you would like a continuous coaching arrangement, like for life, then we can discuss options that will allow for me to support you for an extended period of time.

Is this like therapy?

Coaching and counseling have similar traits, but are different. I am not qualified to, nor do I diagnose or treat any physical or mental medical conditions.

Is coaching appropriate for me?

Coaching is appropriate for anyone wanting to see a change in their life. Coaching seeks to move you forward instead of focusing on the past. It’s about empowering you and providing the support you need to change your life.

After we meet how do we decide which part to start with first?

This depends on what you need coaching for and where you are in life. After our initial consultation, that gives me an idea of what we need to start with first. Coaching is a collaborative effort, we can make this decision together or follow set coaching strategies.

What makes you qualified to help guide my life?

I naturally have the qualities of a coach. Some of those are great listening skills, the ability to express empathy, problem solver, able to see both sides of situations, and a love for helping people. I have over 15 years professional experience consulting, solving problems, training, and perfecting communication skills. My own life has given me great lessons and I am also a Certified Master Life Coach, Crystal Therapist, Angel Card Reader, and Reiki Master. I blend intuition and energy healing with traditional coaching methods in a holistic coaching style that focuses on mind, body, soul, and money.

Why to you focus on money?

I touch on money in coaching because a lot of people have poor habits and thoughts about money. This can influence how we see ourselves. Finances are often a big stress for many people.

What type of person would need a life coach?

Anyone can benefit from working with a life coach. Typically people that are ready to make a change in their life, whether it’s to reach a goal, gain confidence, increase happiness, work through a problem you face, a life coach can help empower you.

Are you like a resource or an assistant?

As a life coach, I am a resource to help you create the change you want in your life.

How would we know when your services are no longer needed?

Typically once you reach your desired result, you may feel that coaching is no longer needed. My goal is to empower clients so they can navigate through life on their own. You may decide to work on another area of your life, or continue coaching services until you feel confident.

Is this a lifelong thing?

Typically it’s not, however I do offer retainer services for those that wish to have a longer duration of time to work with me that is reasonably priced. My goal is to empower my clients to take control of their lives.

Are you a paid best friend?.. Lol but seriously, are you?

Yes, in a way! I like for my clients to consider me like a best friend or sister (of course while maintaining personal and professional boundaries). I always have your best interest at heart. I wouldn’t ever advise you to do something I wouldn’t do or that would cause you any harm. I want you to feel comfortable with me and establish a relationship built on trust and open communication.

Are you ready to love your life?

If you would like answers specific to how I can help you, let’s have a Heart to Heart about your concerns and how you can benefit from Positive Forward Movement™.