Who doesn’t love a good challenge?

Calling all the Goal Getters and Goal Diggers

This PFM GoalDigger Challenge was designed with you in mind.

Goal setting doesn’t have to be hard, but you do need a plan.

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This challenge helps you with that! It’s like having a mini Goal Success Session with me at no cost! Plus there’s a special gift for you at the end!

If you need help with setting your goals or wanted to work with a life coach, this is your chance!

If you don’t have any goals I encourage you to start! Goals help determine your focus in life.

Free goal challenge

It was initially created this past June as the ‘MidYear Goal Challenge’ to help you get in gear for the rest of the year. I realized that having this ongoing challenge can help anyone at any time! So I changed it to the PFM GoalDiggers Challenge to be open continuously!

Instead of closing it out, I decided to keep this challenge open for everyone.

The steps and tips I share are the ones I use with clients in Goal Mapping Strategy sessions.

It’s like getting a coaching session with a Certified Master Coach.

This free challenge is designed to help you reach your goal.

Plus at the end of the challenge I have something special just for you.


Are you ready to reach your goal? Join the challenge below:

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