Who inspires me? Oprah!

I have looked up to her ever since I was a little girl. I read about her, watched her on tv and in movies, I wrote about her. As I grew up her career took off.

She became more and more of a powerhouse and now has her own empire. A little brown girl like me is living her dream. From being a news anchor, being a talk show host on her own show, her own magazine, production company.

Oprah has touched the lives of so many people. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and someone truly inspires me. When I think about Oprah, I think about possibility, success, love, freedom, growth, change, perseverance, acceptance, and greatness. She is the epitome of the American Dream to me, that is why she inspires me.

As a woman new to business one of my favorite things to do is review Oprah’s media kit. I have a message to share with Positive Forward Movement. It would be a blessing to be able to share it and impact as many lives as Oprah is able to. She is my inspiration and I will continue to learn about her and learn from her. It’s important to have people from my community to look up to that I can relate to on deeper levels.

#30bbdaysofgratitude challenge

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