Sometimes you just need a hug! Healing Embrace is that and more. This 3 month coaching program gently guides you through healing and focusing on making the changes you want to see in life.

After an unhealthy relationship with yourself or someone else sometimes you just need a loving embrace. Healing embrace is just that. It’s a safe place for you to unload your worries and pain so that you can be restored and focus on your most important relationship, the one you have with yourself! This is the perfect way to gain the additional support you need while focusing on wholeness and growth. Wrap yourself in unconditional love, release the hurt and focus on healing.

I create a safe space, free of judgment where you can honestly express yourself. Together we will bring light to the core of your concern and use tools and strategies to help you shift your perspective, heal, and reconnect with yourself. I will hold your hand through this process and give you the support and guidance you need.

Using intuitive modalities, such as energy healing can help you overcome blocks and release pain and negativity. I welcome you to wrap yourself in this warm embrace, where you will be happy, healed, and whole.

healing embrace coaching

You will…

Feel safe and supported through the healing process.
Feel whole and complete while making positive changes in your life.
Walk away with clarity about who you are and create healthy boundaries.
Build confidence as your learn to trust yourself and make empowered decisions.
Regain your sense of worth and self- acceptance and feel beautiful inside and out.
Give yourself permission to heal and grow to create the changes you wish to see in your life.

You get…

* 1 – 90 min heart to heart and reading
* 4 – bi-weekly 45 min. calls
* Personal Power Statement
* Activities and Love Work, customized to your needs
* 12 weeks of unlimited email support
* 1 (30 min.) intuitive reading
* 1 Reiki energy healing sessions
* Action Plan + Detailed Coaching Report
* Monthly Self Care Plan
* Journey to Love Journal
* Affirmation Cards
* BONUS: 30 min follow up call


This program is valued at $397.

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