Heart to Heart Connection

It's time to bring back your smile!

Are you ready to experience love and have meaningful relationships?

Are you struggling to let go of a past relationship?

Do you feel unloved and unsupported?

Are you having problems in your current relationship?

Do you feel drained or stuck in a relationship?

Are you ashamed things didn't work out?

Are you tired of crying and being hurt?

Do you want to learn to love yourself?

If you have answered yes to any of these, I’d love to hop on the phone with you and connect. You don’t need to figure it all out on your own. I invite you to schedule your free Heart to Heart Connection.

A Heart to Heart Connection is the Answer to your prayers!


Be able to express what's on your heart and mind in a safe judgement free space so you can begin to release stress and emotional baggage. 


In a Heart to Heart I'll be able to assess where you emotionally and spiritually. We can explore your concerns to pin point the issue that is keeping you from the love you deserve.


After our 30 minute session you will have uncovered what you truly desire and need in order to be happy and complete, providing you with the clarity you need to make the greatest impact in your relationships.


Experience Spiritual Love Coaching and discover the abundance of love in your life. Learn how I can support you on all levels, mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally to create lasting change in your love life.

During your FREE 30-minute Heart to Heart Session you will:

  • Know that it is possible to make the pain go away. 
  • Decide your next steps in a relationship.
  • Understand what’s holding you back from stepping into receiving more love and how healing can transform your life.
  • Open up to more clarity and direction for how to move forward with more love and positivity.

This time is for you to be heard and express your challenges so you can create peace and healing once again. During this call, we’ll be connecting in a safe and sacred space and determining if I feel I can authentically support you in your healing and growth moving forward. And most importantly, if you resonate with our connection and decide you would like ongoing spiritual coaching support.

If so, then I may recommend working together through my private Spiritual Love Coaching Experiences because I know in my heart that I can support you in healing past hurts or patterns that are keeping you stuck, reclaiming your heart, and embracing more love, positivity, and wholeness in your life and relationships.

Otherwise if I don’t feel I’m the right healer and coach for you or vice versa, I’ll provide you with the best resource or referral. There are absolutely no strings attached and you will absolutely walk away receiving some concrete steps to help you move forward.

This Heart to Heart is for You, if:

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Then schedule your Heart to Heart Call today!
Feel a lack of love in your life

Feeling: Unloved

I can help you discover the abundance of love you already have.

Need to shift the energy in your life

Feeling: Blocked or Negativity

Negative energy can slow you down, or cause you to get stuck. Unblocking this energy can get you moving again.

Keep repeating similar situations

Feeling: Broken Record

If you find yourself in the same relationships or situations, you may need to release old habits or patterns.

Don't have the support you need

Feeling: Unsupported                

I am here to support and encourage your growth, you don't have to go through it alone.

Want to make a positive life change

Feeling: Need a Change

Positive Forward Movement™ is all about making lasting positive changes. 

Unable to move forward in life

Feeling: Stuck

Healing and letting go of the past is essential to moving forward in life. I can help you shift your focus in life.

About Jovanhanna

I transform your pain into love. My own healing journey started when I found myself at rock bottom after leaving an abusive relationship. I felt powerless, worthless, and fearful. I was stuck in a cycle of negativity and hurt!

Positive Forward Movement™ became my mantra and allowed me to heal my heart and transform my life on a holistic level.I have also extensive training in the following Life Purpose, Goal Success, Happiness, Wellness, Psychic Tarot and Relationship Coaching; Angel Card Reading, Reiki, and Crystal Therapy.

I am here for you! Are you ready to radiate more love and positivity in your life?! Then fill out the questionnaire below and I’ll get back to you to schedule your session.I’m excited to connect Heart to Heart with you and support you!

Helping you heal and love again!

This Heart to Heart Call is For You if You..

Are ready to make a change in your life.

Are ready to have healthy relationships.

Want to start dating and create meaningful connections.

Want to feel whole and complete within yourself.

Want a safe place to express yourself openly.

Want to heal your heart.

Are ready to experience the love and life you deserve.

Complete the form below and schedule your free Heart to Heart Session today!

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