Welcome the New Year 2016!

It happens every year. Lots of resolutions are made. 50% of people set resolutions for the year and very few of them achieve them, according to Psychology Today. There are so many things to accomplish, but without clear direction, many of us give up before the end of January. I don’t want that to happen to you, or me. There are tons of things I want to do this year, but I don’t set resolutions. Resolutions are like promises, they are often broken! Don’t set resolutions, set goals for the new year.


Sorry for yelling, but I did it with a smile! Having a great year starts with planning, which takes time. Start thinking about your new year at least 3 months ahead of time. Once June rolls around I’m already analyzing what I’ve done and what I need to do. September is my birthday month, I definitely do some review to see where I’ve grown and where I’m struggling. The rest of the year I am in high gear putting changes in place.

That’s right I have my goals, and I’m already starting to work on them. I think this gets the ball rolling and starts to build a habit. If you fail, you have time to hit reset, make corrections, and try again.

How to Start the New Year Right

Goals for the New Year

The key is to set goals that will improve your lifestyle. We want to make lifestyle changes and achieve goals! At the end of 2015 I already knew what changes I wanted to see in the New Year. Every year I decide on a theme. It’s a word, phrase, intention, or mantra that pushes me through the year. The key to choosing a theme is that has to be meaningful to you. Something that you can easily remember and think of throughout your day. This helps prevent the resolution

One year I focused on Love. During that year I eliminated a lot of toxic people and relationships, I fully embraced myself, and really opened myself up to love. Last year Change was my theme and trust me my year was full of change! I was able to embrace it all, even the difficult parts. 2015 was awesome for so many reasons.

I started coming up with themes a few years ago. One thing that I have noticed is whatever I focus on is what I cultivate. You can also amp up your power by creating a vision board based on your theme. You can even use Pinterest to create your special board.

a successful life needs a plan life strategist


Choosing Your Theme, or Your Focus

If you haven’t set a theme for yourself before, I challenge you to this year. Pick a word, phrase, or even an area of life that you want to see change in. For me my them serves as a reminder of all my goals, the reason I push myself, and why I do what I do. It keeps me focused on the things that matter and filters out the things that don’t.

Having a theme gives you a reference point. You can easily see if you are on track or if you’re slacking. At the end of the year, I can look back and see how I was able to put my theme to use.

The best way to start a new year right is to have direction. Choosing a theme will give you direction by having something to focus on and guide you. you need to have a successful year. Spend some time thinking about what matters most to you, where you want to improve your life, and let that guide you through the year.

If you need some help choosing a theme check out, Theme Your 2016.

Many blessing and much success to you in this year and all years to come!

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