I’m so glad you’re interested in co-hosting with me on Live, Learn, Love!

On the podcast, we talk about love, life and more. From love, family, navigating social media, life tips on embracing life, inspiration, and more!

Nothing is off topic, well almost nothing! A lot of what I do focuses on love, relationships, and living life with love. If you have a subject that relates to that we can definitely work together.

Want to be a podcast guest?

I’d love to feature you! I am looking for creatives, business owners, and everyday people that have a story to share or topic to discuss!

This lifestyle based podcast leaves room for a variety of topics to discuss and formats to air, such as:

  • Interviews
  • Guest Hosts
  • Co-Hosts
  • Relationships
  • Guest Speakers
  • Debates
  • Inspirational Stories
  • Life tips
  • Q&A
  • Featured Products
  • Business Spotlight
  • Embracing love and life

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