Body confidence is something that will always be an issue. Many women struggle with it and the effects of low self-esteem can be long-lasting a crippling. Even on your worst day, it’s important to try and look in the mirror and feel proud of yourself. Even if you’ve only managed to brush your hair that day!

A confident person will always shine a little brighter and smile a little more and behavior like this genuinely helps you to achieve more. Loving yourself is such a cliche but it’s actually a super important to do.

  1. Put some music on and dance — naked!

This does sound a little crazy but trust us – it works wonders. When you’re feeling low about your appearance it’s easy to want to hide the mirrors in every room and avoid looking at your reflections. But you shouldn’t do that! Try to love yourself a little more than that celebrate the body that you’ve been blessed with. Whether you turn into Rihanna or Ciara; crank up your favorite song and dance like there is no one watching. You’ll feel amazing after!

  1. Smile more

Even if it’s the last thing that you feel like doing, wearing a smile will instantly lift your mood. Sit down in front of your mirror and give yourself a big cheesy grin. If you’re looking for ways to improve your smile you could consider cosmetic dentistry. It’s another simple way to boost your body confidence! If you’re considering denture make sure you use Poligrip to keep everything secure. Also take regular trips to the dentist to keep your smile healthy.

  1. Take your own advice

If your best friend was sitting down with you, worrying about her appearance you would automatically reassure her. Everyone is guilty of looking for their flaws too often but often it’s important to be kind to yourself and cut yourself some slack! Tell yourself what you would say to your friend if she was feeling low. You deserve the same level of love! Instead of looking at only your flaws, hold on to the positive and remind yourself of them. If you love your eyes…remind yourself of that!

  1. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone

Nothing makes you feel prouder of yourself that doing something that you wouldn’t normally do. It could be a good idea to push your body to the limit with a rock climbing session or why not do a Beyonce-themed dance class! Doing something you would never normally do can do wonderful things for your soul. It will also help you to believe in yourself a little more and it will make you feel really proud!

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Your body is a wonderful thing and it’s sometimes really important to remember that. You may hate your chunky thighs but really, they are the things that help you walk. Your lovely lips help you communicate, you gorgeous arms help you write and  you sweet nose helps you to smell. Stay positive, stay grateful and love yourself just a little bit more.