4 weeks of personalized coaching to dive deeper into the challenge you’re facing so that you can release it and begin the healing process.

As your Love + Life Strategist I create a judgment free space, for healing and change to take place. We will explore the root of your issue, giving you the chance to be open and honest. This is the release, getting out your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Once we get down to the root, the healing process can begin. This process begins by deciding what you want and exploring your options. You are empowered to choose the decision that is right for you and I help you create a strategy to follow through on your decision.

At the end of our time together you will have released the hurt and be in a space to reclaim your power. You will have a crystal clear guide to help you implement the changes you want to see in your life. Activities and ‘Love Work’ help you to learn life changing strategies while energy work aids you in the process. This isn’t your typical life coaching, this is an integrative approach designed to create change on a holistic level. When you let go of the pain, you are open to receive love and blessings. Letting go of the past allows you to move forward in life.

Release and receive life coaching

You’ll will…

Give yourself permission to release old thoughts and feelings and open up to healing and moving on.
Gain clarity around situations and know what steps to take to help you overcome them.
Connect with yourself on a deeper level to gain confidence and make empowered decisions.
Receive judgment free support, giving you the space you need to heal and grow.

You Receive…

2 – 60 min. calls
4 weeks of unlimited email support
1 Reading
Action Plan + Detailed Coaching Report
Journey to Love Journal
Monthly Self Care Plan
Affirmation Cards
BONUS: 30 min follow up call


This program is valued at $197

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