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Unlock the magic and healing that begins when you embrace Self-Love, even if you don’t feel loved!



Sacred Self-Love Planner

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A Free digital planner to help you make self-love a priority in your life.

  • Heart Centered. A heart-centered planner and personal development tool designed to help women heal and restore self-love.
  • Continual Updates. Your free Self-Love planner is updated to give you additional tools to put you first and deepen your self-love practice.
  • Support Your Growth. Connect with other women on a mission of love in a private group to get additional support and guidance.

Self-Love isn’t selfish, it’s necessary!

It’s time to reconnect with yourself and embrace self-love. No more holding on to the past, feeling insignificant.

Embrace all of you!

~ Jovanhanna, Spiritual Love Coach

Jovanhanna Spiritual love coach

The Sacred Self-Love Planner is great for helping you plan and prioritize time just for you.

Married, Single, Coupled, or Healing a Broken Heart this is for you!

Self-Love is the foundation for happiness and healthy relationships.

The Sacred Self-Love Planner helps you:

  • Make you and your heart a priority.

  • Build confidence and self-esteem.

  • Amp up love in your life by giving you specific ideas for your loving practice.

  • Attract your desires with loving affirmations.

  • Stay focused with a goal tracker.

  • Embrace self-love and healthy relationships.

  • Connect with other women on a mission of love in a private group.


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A Loving Message from Jovanhanna

Hi Loves! I know the power and importance of self-love. It’s how I was able to heal and rebuild my life. My tragedy became my triumph and helped me uncover my life’s purpose to help women heal and transform their life through Positive Forward Movement™. I’m a Spiritual Love Coach, Healer, and Intuitive here to help you restore self-love.

The Sacred Self-Love Planner is all about You!


This is not your average planner. This planner is expanding to include more tools and resources to help you reconnect with yourself on a deeper level.

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