I am focusing a lot more on my overall health and wellness. Improving and maintaining health is a priority for most people. Here are some simple ways to live a healthy lifestyle, that don’t require much effort at all.

We all know the main things we need to do to live a healthy lifestyle. Eat well, exercise, stay hydrated, and get plenty of sleep. But there are plenty of little things you could be doing right now, to boost your health even more. They’re so simple and easy it doesn’t take any effort on your part, but all contribute to being the best version of yourself possible.

4 Simple Ways to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Buy Organic

This is a case of making simple swaps. Instead of buying standard items, pick up organic instead. You’ll spend a little more, but no extra effort is needed, and it’s beneficial for a number of reasons. Organic produce isn’t sprayed with the same herbicides and pesticides as conventional crops. This is important as these chemicals can stay on the produce even after it’s washed.

These are chemicals are designed to kill insects and weeds, and I can’t imagine them being healthy for us humans. When you buy organic, you prevent these toxins from entering your body and wreaking havoc. There are some foods that it’s ok to not buy organic, these are because they naturally have a very thick skin which you don’t ingest. These are known as the ‘clean fifteen.’ On the other hand, the ‘dirty dozen’ refers to twelve different fruits and vegetable that you should always buy organic.

To take it a step further, shop at your local Farmer’s Market. Here in Raleigh there are several,. Not only can you find fresh, organic goods, but it allows me to support NC Farmers and our local economy.

Filter Your Tap Water

There’s nothing better than delicious cold tap water right? Wrong! Our tap water has a surprising number of nasties lurking in it which are seriously harmful to health. Ready to be disgusted? Viruses, lead, arsenic, pesticides, heavy metals, and others are just a few of the things you could be introducing to your body every time you take a sip. If you wanted to find out more, Berkey water filter lab test results will give you more information about this. Thankfully you don’t have to stock up on expensive bottled water (which in many cases, is actually just regular old tap water). Buy a water filter which will remove around ninety-nine percent of all of these things. There is a range of different brands so research which you like the look of.

Take a Multivitamin

There’s no substitute for a healthy, balanced and varied diet. However, some vitamins are difficult to get enough of, especially every single day. Adding a good multivitamin gives you peace of mind that your body is getting everything it needs to function at its optimum, and helps prevent avoidable health concerns.



Finally, good health isn’t just about the body, but the mind too. Meditation is something that can be done right before you sleep, so you don’t even need to ‘find time’ in your busy day to slot it in. Put on a meditation app or some calming music and focus on your breathing. This can induce a highly relaxed state, which can help you sleep more deeply and is also massively beneficial for general wellbeing. Stress can cause all kinds of damage and severe long term health issues on the body, and so effective ways to unwind like this are vital.

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