Last year, before I changed the direction of my website, I started the Stay FIT Series. When I started the series, it was to give helpful hints and tips on maintaining health in different areas of life. As I progressed through I found that I was really wanting to change lives and make an impact. I stepped away from writing and reviewed everything I had done that year.

I noticed I wrote inspirational and motivational posts and connected that to my passion for helping people. I never thought that starting something so simple would have pushed me to launch a business as a Life Strategist. I love learning and sharing information. I am still growing and refining myself to be the best woman, mother, and wife, life strategist, (and everything else) I can be!

Life is a journey there is no fast fix for any problem and problems don’t just stop.

I never knew that I would be going down this path but I feel that it is my purpose and what I have been called to do.

stay fit in the new year

These are the main areas of our lives:

  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

In the Stay FIT Series I highlight each of these areas and provide ways to maintain balance or fitness in each area. I think that these are all important to focus on and the capture our major roles in life too. Every day we wear different hats. You may be an employee, parent, friend, spouse, child, business owner…the list is endless. Each of your roles can fit under one or more of these areas. If you are out of balance in any of these areas you and others around you may be able to tell. Do you check-in and see how well you’re doing in these areas?

I will be starting the Stay FIT Series again soon, but this time I want to be intentional about it and make sure I am giving you helpful, actionable, and value packed content. I am so excited that I decided to stick with blogging and use my knowledge and skills to help others improve their lives.

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