On this episode of the VIP Experience podcast, my dear friend Rachel stopped by to chat about essential oils. We are both lovers of doTERRA, and Rachel is a Certified Aroma Touch practitioner who is sharing the benefits that the it has to offer.



I had so much fun recording this episode and can’t wait to have Rachel back!

If you love Rachel as much as I do and want to learn to nourish yourself in new ways, join her in Essentially Me, a space to connect and encourage one another to commit to nourishing yourself each day as a way of life.

Rachel changed her group from Essentially Nourished to Essentially Me, you can request access to join the private community group. She offers doTERRA product education and inspiration on feeling better in your body through videos, 1-1 consultations, Q&As, and webinars. If you are open to feel better in your body, feel more empowered in decision making in your home and change your approach your healthcare-she hopes to see you in the group!

Learn more about Aroma Touch at www.aromatouch.com.

Visit my essential oil shop www.mydoterra.com/divinescents to learn more about essential oils.

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